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Hi! I'm a mom of 2 and I love tasty (and fatty) food (Really, who doesn't?)! I own my love for the lards of life, but I budget my fats daily or else I easily overspend. By living a low-fat lifestyle, I hope to develop super powers (or something comparable would suite me just fine). At the very least, I hope my cholesterol levels will be thanking me as I gracefully progress through the ages and stages of life. Follow me on my eating journey to a healthier lifestyle through delicious low-fat food.

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Fun Way To Eat Apples


As a kid, I did not like eating apples. I loved applesauce. I loved apple cobbler. But apples in and of themselves were difficult for my mouth to handle. I always had a hard time breaking through the skin, and sometimes the skin made it a little bitter to me. I love apples now, but I do prefer apples with softer skins still.

Red Delicious apples often have a tougher skin, but they are as their names suggest, d-licious. So eating them is worth a bit of creativity for easier munching, plus who doesn't love eating cute food?  All you do is turn the apple on its side and slice it into discs, then using a tiny cookie cutter or melon baller, cut out the core. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to send a little message of love, or use a circle shape to make the rings look like apple donuts.  Simple. Healthy. Delicious!

If you're babysitting, having a picnic with your significant other, it's a rainy day, you need to bring a side dish to the office party or the church luncheon, keep things simple, and make these.

And... especially if you have kids of your own, get them involved in making these. Its fun for the whole family!  For breakfast today, I sliced the apples into the discs, and my 6 year old cut out the middle. Family and food are my favorite!




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