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Hi! I'm a mom of 2 and I love tasty (and fatty) food (Really, who doesn't?)! I own my love for the lards of life, but I budget my fats daily or else I easily overspend. By living a low-fat lifestyle, I hope to develop super powers (or something comparable would suite me just fine). At the very least, I hope my cholesterol levels will be thanking me as I gracefully progress through the ages and stages of life. Follow me on my eating journey to a healthier lifestyle through delicious low-fat food.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

When The Fridge Is Bare


I haven't been to the store for a while now. I've been feeling under the weather, so no menus have been made and dinners lately have been pulled together last second. Today was no different.  It is nice to know that I have a few healthy options on hand in my pantry to feed my family when I'm feeling unwell. Tonight we had whole grain pancakes made from a mix called "Kodiak Cakes" that we really like and you can find at Costco and at most grocery stores.

I also had a bag of steamable edamame in my freezer.  With a cup of milk and a scoop of canned peach slices, I could feed my kids quickly with foods they will eat and that are healthy. We didn't have any butter for the pancakes, but they don't really need it if you're putting syrup on.

In matters of syrup...
I personally like to put my syrup in small dish so that I can control the portion. Then I tear my pancake and dip it. I just love eating with my hands and dipping foods in sauces!  I haven't grown up i guess. I also am a klutz and wear my meals most days. For the syrup, I warmed a quarter cup of real maple syrup over the stove and diluted it with a splash of milk, some vanilla extract, and a tablespoon of coconut oil, and when it began to bubble, I removed it from the heat and added a teaspoon of baking soda for frothiness and saltiness. Yum!  I only needed a tablespoon of it to dip 4 pancakes.


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